Academic Staff

Head of Department

Name Position Interests
Prof. Schwartz Dov ראש המחלקה לפילוסופיה

הגות פילוסופית בימי הביניים (מוסלמית יהודית ונוצרית).
הגות יהודית מודרנית ועכשווית.


Name Position Interests
Dr. Chasid Alon

AOS: Philosophy of mind; Philosophy of perception; Epistemology; Analytic aesthetics. 

AOC: Philosophy of language; Logic; Jewish philosophy. 

Prof. Dolev Yuval

Philosophy of time; Philosophy of perception; Phenomenology; Philosophy of Mathematics; Philosophy of Physics. 

Dr. Hoffer Noam Lecturer

Kant, Early Modern Philosophy


Dr. Ifergan Pini

German philosophy; German Idealism; Modernity: Philosophical discourse, Philosophical Anthropology.

Dr. Levanon Tamar MA advisor

Early Modern Philosophy, G. W. Leibniz, Early twentieth-century philosophy and in particular A. N. Whitehead and W. James, Process-Philosophy, Temporal-Experience.


Dr. Marrama Oberto Post-Doctoral Researcher

Area of Specialization

History of Early Modern Philosophy (17th – 18th centuries).

Areas of Competence

Philosophy of Mind; History of Philosophy of Mind; History of Early Modern Science (17th – 18th centuries); History of Political Philosophy.

Prof. Nachtomy Ohad

Modern philosophy; History and philosophy of science; Philsophy of biology; Multiculturalism in Israel; Wittgenstein. 

Dr. Pelman Alik Adjunct

Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Environmental Ethics

Dr. Ram-Tiktin Efrat Advisor: MA in Bioethics; Joint program Philosophy and Law

Bioethics; Political philosophy (esp. 20th century); Moral philosophy,Applied Philosophy, Philosophy of Education

Prof. Sagi Avi BA advisor

Continental philosohy; Phenomenology and existentialism; Hemaneutics; Relations between religion and morality; Political thought; Contemporary Jewish philosophy; Philosophy of Jewish Halacha; Critical theory. 

Prof. Zohar Noam

Moral and Political Philosophy, with an emphasis on applied ethics, especially bioethics and morality in war. Philosophy of Jewish Halacha (including Jewish bioethics). Rabbinic thought. 


Name Position Interests
Prof. Blum Alex Professor Emeritus

Analytic philosophy; Logic and Metaphysics.


Prof. Hercenberg Dov Bernard

Aesthetics; German philosophy; Cultural criticism.

Dr. Katzoff Charlotte

Epistemology; Feminist epistemology; Philosophical interpretation of the Bible; Analytical theology. 

Prof. Widerker David

AOS: Free Will, Action Theory, Metaphysics

AOC: Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Religion