Dr. Alon Chasid

Dr. Alon Chasid
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B.A. summa cum laude, Philosophy & Amirim Honors Program, The Hebrew U.


M.A./ Direct Doctoral Program, Dept. of Philosophy, The Hebrew U (“Pictorial Representation and Resemblance”; advisor: Eddy Zemach)


Ph.D., Dept. of Philosophy, The Hebrew U (“A Theory of Pictorial Representation”; advisor: Eddy Zemach)


Postdoc., Dept. of Philosophy, U. of Michigan


Postdoc., Dept. of Philosophy, Ben-Gurion U

2007 (Fall), 2008 (Fall)

Postdoc., Dept. of Philosophy and Linguistics, MIT



in ascending order; penultimate versions can be found in: http://biu.academia.edu/AlonChasid


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10. (Research grant:) "On the Intrinsic Structure of Imaginative Projects," The Israeli Science Foundation (2016/17; three years).

11. "Belief-Like Imagining and Correctness," American Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming).

12. "Belief-like Imaginings and Perceptual (Non-)Assertoricity," Philosophical Psychology (forthcoming).

13. "Imagining in Response to Fiction: Unpacking the Infrastructure," Philosophical Explorations (forthcoming).


In Hebrew:

1. "פשרה מוסרית: שתי הצדקות", עיון 50 (2001): 130-107.

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