Dr. Efrat Ram-Tiktin

Advisor: MA in Bioethics; Joint program Philosophy and Law
Dr. Efrat Ram-Tiktin




B.A.            Inter-Disciplinary Dept., Social Science School (Psychology, Criminology and Sociology)

                   Bar-Ilan University, 1999-2002

                   Summs Cum Laude


M.A            Philosophy Dept., The Graduate Program in Bioethics

                   Bar-Ilan University, 2002-2005

                   Magna Cum Laude


Ph.D           Philosophy Dept.

                   Bar-Ilan University, 2005-2009


         Thesis: Distributive Justice in Health Care




Bar Ilan University             Lecturer           2014

Bar-Ilan University                        Instructor        2009 – 2014

Ono Academic College      Post-doctorate fellowship



Hadassah Ein-Kerem School of Medicine  2010



Doctoral Fellowship of Excellence (Bar –Ilan University, 2005-2009)

Rotenstreich Grant (Council for Higher Education, 2007-2010)

Post-doc Fellowship (Ono Academic College, 2009-2011)



Assistant editor Journal of Health Law and Bioethics       2009-2011

(Faculty of Law, Ono Academic College)

Blue and White Bioethics – Israeli Perspectives. Editor: Gil Siegal. (Forthcoming)


CONFERENCES (organization):

Oxford-Mount Sinai Consortium on Bioethics (Zefat, April 14-17, 2015)

Blue and White Bioethics – Israel's Perspective  (Ashkelon, January 20-22, 2011)

The Double Agent Dilemma – On Conflicting Obligations of Physicians (Haifa, April 16-17, 2010)



International Scope, in English:


Oxford-Mount Sinai Consortium on bioethics. Oxford, England. April 6 – 9, 2014. Paper presented: Fair Equality of Opportunity in Healthcare.


COST Action Meeting IS1201 – Veterans' voices: Learning from the experience of disasters relief teams and home-front coping in Israel. Tel-Aviv University, The Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics, October 15-16, 2013. Paper presented: Ethics for Disasters.


17th Galilee Colloquia on Social, Moral and Legal Philosophy: Swiss-Israel philosophy Fund, June 19-22, 2013. Paper presented: Ethical Considerations of Triage – Unique Israeli Bioethics.


Equality of Opportunity in Theory and Practice, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, December 6-7, 2012. Paper presented: Equality of Opportunity versus Sufficiency of Capabilities in Health.


International Workshop - Personalized Medicine, The Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research, Dead Sea, September 5-6, 2012. Paper presented: Patients and Disease Stratification: Implications on Equity and (In)Equality.


26th European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care – Worst Case Bioethics, Nazareth, August 21-24, 2012. Paper presented: Ethical Considerations of Triage.


How much is enough? Sufficiency and thresholds in health care. An interdisciplinary workshop at the Centre for Ethics, University of Zurich. Switzerland, June 7-8, 2012. Paper presented: Sufficiency Threshold and Priority to the Worse-Off.


Oxford-Mount Sinai Consortium on Bioethics, N.Y., April, 2011. Paper presented: Resource Allocation under Austere Conditions.


Brocher Summer Academy in Global Population health 2010, Harvard University – program in Ethics and Health, Brocher Foundation, University of Geneva, Switzerland, July 12-16th, 2010. Participation only.


Extensions of Justice, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, June, 2009. Comments to Shlomi Segall’s paper: The Health of Nations: Global Justice and National Responsibility for Health.


Oxford-Mount Sinai Consortium on Bioethics, N.Y., March, 2009. Paper presented: Sufficiency of Basic Human Functional Capabilities.


National Scope:

הוועדה המקצועית העליונה לריפוי בעיסוק. שלומי, 12 במאי, 2014. נושא ההרצאה: אתיקה מקצועית ובחינה ביקורתית של הקוד האתי.

הכנס התשיעי – לשכת האתיקה של האחיות והאחים בישראל: מי קובע עלי בכלל? אוטונומיה למול טיפול בכפייה. כפר המכביה, 15 במאי, 2014. נושא ההרצאה: אוטונומיה, פטרנליזם וכפיית טיפול רפואי.


Philosophy and Law Forum: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June 16, 2013.


Blue and White Bioethics – Ono Academic College, Center for Health Law and Bioethics. Paper presented: Patients' Prioritization under Scarcity, January 20-22, 2011.


The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, The Economics and Society Program - Research Group on Equality, Fairness, Justice, and Solidarity of Social and Health Services. November 11, 2010. Paper presented: Theories of Distributive Justice and its Implementations to the Health Care Sphere.,


Jerusalem Forum for Bioethics. October 27, 2010.Paper presented: Sufficiency of Capabilities – An Alternative Account for Health Care Allocation.


"The Double-Agent Dilemma", Ono Academic College, Center for Health Law and Bioethics, April 16, 2010. Paper presented: Mixed Agency – Philosophical Deliberation on Resolving Conflicting Values in Medical Practice.


Social Justice Forum, The Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research, Tel Hashomer, February 9, 2010. Paper presented: Self Inflicted Diseases – Do We Have Moral Obligations Towards Imprudent Patients?


Gender, Health and Body: Changing Relations, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, April, 2001. Paper presented: Women, Sexuality and AIDS in Israel.


Israel AIDS Task Force Conference for Yosephtal Hospital’s Medical Staff, Eilat, 2001. Paper presented: The Physician Duties, and the Special Sensitivity of the HIV Patient.


Israel AIDS Task Force Conference for Dentists, Tel Aviv, 2000. Paper presented: The AIDS Epidemic – How Do We Resolve Our Fears?


Israel AIDS Task Force Conference for high school teachers, Tel Aviv, 2000. Paper presented: AIDS Prevention among Teenagers.



Refereed Articles

Ram-Tiktin, E. “Equality of Opportunity versus Sufficiency of Capabilities in Healthcare”. 2016. World Journal of Social Science Research, 3(3): 418-437.


Ram-Tiktin, E. What is Enough? Sufficiency, Justice and Health.  Carina Fourie and Annette Rid (eds.) “Basic Human Functional Capabilities as the Currency of Justice in Healthcare". 2016.  Oxford University Press. 144-163.


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Ram-Tiktin, E. "The Right to Health Care as a Right to Basic Human Functional Capabilities". 2012. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 15(3): 337-351.


Ram-Tiktin, E. "A Decent Minimum for Everyone as a Sufficiency of Basic Human Functional Capabilities". 2011. American Journal of Bioethics, 11(7): 24-25.


Ram-Tiktin, E. "Setting Priorities among Patients Under Circumstances of Severe Scarcity –The IDF Humanitarian Mission to Haiti". 2011. Journal of Health Law and Bioethics, 4: 116-160. [in Hebrew]


Under Review

“Ethical Considerations of Triage Following Natural Disasters: The IDF Experience in Haiti as a Case Study” {Bioethics].

"Moral fictions in the Israeli Dying Patient Act" (in Hebrew, in progress)




Moral Philosophy:              Introduction to Moral Philosophy


Political Philosophy:           Human Rights and Global Justice

                                           Social Justice and Health

                                           Amartya Sen and John Rawls on Injustice

                                           Egalitarianism and its Critiques

                                           Ideals of Distribution


Bioethics:                           Applied Bioethics Seminar

                                           Central Arguments in Bioethics

                                           Moral Challenges in Medical Ethics

                                           Issues of Justice and Morality in Times of Crisis

                                           Human and Post-Human: Ethical implications of Human Enhancement